1. The company
R. Holmberg Consultancy is a Swedish Management Consultancy firm. The company was established during the late eighties (1989) based on two major core competencies. One of them was an extensive experience of change and transformation management activities primarily within the Swedish mining and steel industry. The other core competence was a comprehensive knowledge of management development and leadership training, emerged during the last decade from work as consultants and teachers at Universities and private companies.
R. Holmberg Consultancy does have customers among big companies at the Fortune 100 list as well as small companies and organisations within the public sector. The assignments could be small or they could be big.
The most important thing for us is that we do ad values to the customer we are serving. Therefore, we focus on assignments where we know that we have the experience and knowledge. We avoid assignments where we know that other could serve the customer better than we could do. Instead, we try to help the customer to find some other service provider more suitable for the job.
Combined with this hands-on related experience and knowledge of the particularly issue that has to be solved, we consider it very important that a consultant also as an individual have extensive talents what regards analysis, creativity, communication and pedagogical methods. 
When we assemble teams of consultants to solve big assignments we do this based on a global network o qualified competence centres. Together with customers and colleagues within private and public organisations, we have a very qualified resource to use in different situations related to large-scale projects.
Our ambition is to create teams that have the capacity to operate based on a comprehensive view and where the balance between different competence and personalities is optimal for the assignment. 

Basics about the Company
The firm of accounts is KPMG
During almost 25 years, Olof Holmberg always used KPMG to be his companies firm of accounts.
The Bank is SEB
During almost 20 years, Olof Holmberg and his companies have been using SEB as the business partner regarding financial issues and banking service.