9. Consultant offerings – Seminars and training programs for executives, experts and staff.
Training programs for competence improvement for executives, managers, experts and staff.
We offer qualified professional training events regarding a large number of management skills in particularly change and transformation management, leadership, personal efficiency, personal development, project management, marketing and sales training.
We offer many different types of courses and seminars. Our offers includes everything from one day long seminars covering a specific issue up to comprehensive training programmes that covers several different topics and takes more than a year to pass through. Many of the courses are available both as open courses and as in house courses for a specific organisation.
As mentioned before we always use experienced teachers and tutors. For example, the founder of the company have met and trained more than 10 000 participants from all over the world. 

Tailor made training programs
Development and change is often rather much inter linked with development and training of leadership and skills among an organisation's management. The behaviour among leaders within an organisation is often the difference between failure and success.
This is one strong reason behind why we have been working with this type of activities since the early 1980: th. Many of the participants in our training programs have been participating in this type of tailor made programs. 
Our experience, from the past 30 years is that when it comes to development of skills and knowledge within and organisation the best results appears if the training is based on the actual organisation's capacities, it's market situation and a realistic and an ethically sound approach to the employees ability to perform and develop. We are convinced, that success depend on the ability to clearly define the present status and address the direction and speed in such an order that the organisation have a challenge but also a fear chance to make it. To high ambitions do kill an organisation and to low ambitions open up for some competitor to kill it. 
In-house training arranged as described above is almost all the time a very fruitful and profitable activity. To deliver this type of programs and secure a high quality during the realisation it is important to do the homework and analyse the actual organisation and its situation before the program begin. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that a professional consultant must be able to work on different levels within an organisation. This do emphasise in particularly the communication and pedagogical skills among the consultants. Nevertheless, from experience we know that it is extremely important to adapt a message to the specific situation and the audience to perform good results.

Training as a useful tool
The over all ambition with all our training programs and seminars is that they should be a useful tool that contribute to the change or development of an operation. If a training program becomes thoroughly adapted to the organisation and the employees specific situation and reflecting their day-to-day operations we found it obvious that the efficiency of the training, becomes much better than basic training explicitly based on theory.
Experiences from almost three decades have made us convinced that this is the absolutely the best methods to use training within an organisation. In-house courses do definitely become effective when it comes to effect attitudes, values and corporate culture within an organisation. Participants seem to forget the message easier when they participate in external courses. Why this seems to be the case is hard to tell, but one reason could be that all the employees that never attended the specific course may find it very difficult to understand why they should think of new directions or start to behave differently.

Open courses and seminars for training of skills and development of individual abilities.
There are of course several areas of competence, that could be developed without any involvement from the organisation a person might be working on. We have the following offerings what regards open courses and seminars for managers, specialists and staff.
  • Basic leadership
  • Service Management
  • Presentation techniques and communication skills
  • Time management and efficient behaviour
  • How to conduct effective meetings
  • Project management