10. Recruitment Offerings and Executive search
Within the recruitment market, we do offer some executive search services. Considering almost 30 years in business as management consultants, we do have knowledge of and access to quite some net work what regards qualified individuals and managers. As mentioned earlier we also have an extensive experience of recruiting key personnel and managers because we during a couple of years worked explicitly with executive search.
However, this is not a core business for our company. But if clients urgently ask us to support them, we could do this type of service.
On the other hand, there is a special version of this service that we definitely do a lot. This special version relates to the executive search, team development and team building. In these types of assignments we assembler and develop a management team in order to become more prepared to handle the situation they will face and have to deal with in their day-to-day operation.
If we find out that a specific important competence or characteristic is missing in a specific management team, we solve that by either develop that competence within the group or make sure that the group some other way gets access to the competence they need. This could be through some kind of executive search process or another type of recruitment activity.