6.1 The level of participation
From a general point of view, we do aspire in all change and transformation related situations for a close and interactive co- operation with our clients. This is in particularly important during the phase of analysis and when the recommendations regarding directions and strategies are designed. Our own experience from clients within the industrialised world as well as clients within developing countries has made us convinced that thorough participation is crucial for success.
To become an excellent operation that is significant more competitive than its competitors it is necessary to have a common view and a smooth participation among everybody, all the way from the owners to the management and staff. Without a common view about the most crucial issues, it is very difficult to improve the company’s performance and productivity.
Even in situations when we join the process after all decisions about directions are already decided, the need for true participation among all those that will be effected of these decisions is crucial for success. This means that fruitful participation is crucial in all the work we do that is focused on implementation activities. Our role in this type of assignment is to be support to the management in charge and we primarily contribute with change and transformation management.