6. How we work within different types of assignments
What types of methods we use and how we carry out the work do always depend on the characteristic of the assignment and what rule the clients ask us to play.
As we mentioned above in our philosophy regarding how consultants should be working we underline that adjustment to the specific situation is crucial for success. Naturally, this is a fact that has strong effects on the type of co- operation we establish and what roles we choose to perform in a specific assignment. The basic guideline is of course that we choose to behave and perform with the type of approach our client prefers.
A rather common situation regarding our assignments is that the client is interested in a multi service solution where a number of our offerings are included. This means that we have roles as the analyst, trouble-shooter, business and concept developer, pedagogical and communication experts and project managers. However, we do of course also act within one of these roles if that is what the customer would like us to do.