4.1 Trust and guarantee of delivery
As a service provider of advanced management support in several functions and industries during almost 30 years, we consider trust and mutual understanding as the most important factors for success. A business relation with a lack of trust between the customer and the supplier could never work well and do often lead to problems.
A postulate is that we always process information from or about our customers as confidential information and therefore something, we never use in other situations. Since it is impossible to commend a thing like trust, it is necessary to take the necessary steps and of course behave to establish a trustful relation.
Our experience is that this is extra important in the beginning of a new customer relation that the customer satisfaction is high and that the delivery is what the customer expected. For many years ago, we began to use introduction offerings for new customers to make it easier for them to develop their own opinion about us and our services. When we negotiate comprehensive assignments and the customers are truly interested in our services and us, we can also offer some services free. Mainly to give customers a better opportunity to see for themselves what we are and how we work. This special free service in combination with some references from our old customers, usually give the new customer the information they need, and could therefore decide how to do.
In some situations, we also offer quality related guaranties where the pricing on the service offered depends on the outcome of customer satisfaction evaluations. Today a majority of our customers are repeat business clients and our ambition is to develop long-term relations with all our customers.