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R Holmberg Consultancy is a management consultancy offering Change- and Transformation management services, Leadership training and Business Development.
During the last three decades, R Holmberg Consultancy has been working together with customers in the industrialised world representing high-tech industries among the Fortune 100 as well as with customers from developing countries in Africa.
From an overall view, the service offerings cover different levels within a business operation such as the portfolio level, business level and the functional level. We also offer programmes to improve the interconnection and interaction among these three levels. Our ultimate goal is always to optimise our customer’s value creating process.
As most other of our colleagues, we develop proposals and programmes for improvements of our client's business. However, we have some unique methods and do always develop our proposals on careful analyses covering an overall view regarding business related environmental aspects.

With this, we mean the following aspects:
Aspects of globalisation, company visions, missions, targets, strategies, structures, dynamics, leadership, corporate culture, core competences, management systems and government models.
Furthermore, we have methods to secure that the above aspects become consistent and that they are aiming in the same direction.
We also think that our experience when it comes to leadership training is quite comprehensive. During the last twenty-five years, more than 10.000 managers from all over the world representing more than 40 countries, has been participating in our management programs.
The company R Holmberg Consultancy has been supporting clients from both private and public sectors since it was founded by Olof Holmberg in Sweden back in the 1980’s and will continue to do so for many years to come. 
At this web site, you will find more information about us and hopefully what we could do for you and your business. You are of course most welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and your company.