6.3 As Researchers and analysts with an Interacting approach
The service that we call Interactive analysts is a service where we work in close co-operation with appointed officials and others that might be involved. The actual work often is to conduct the analysis of the client organisation and its business as a whole. Our role in this respect is very much to support the specific change or the transformation project involved by contributing with knowledge, methods and processes.
Our strength in this type of assignments is of course the experience we built up over the last thirty years by working with this type of issues. We have quite some knowledge about how to do analyses, what methods to use and how arrange material pedagogically to achieve the best possible results.
The strength of the client organisation is very much related to their huge knowledge of their own business and the branch they do business in. However, when we combined their and our strength and then together begin to strive toward the same target we know by experience that truly competitive solutions will emerge and that the client organisation ends up in a much better position than it was before.