6.4 As Researchers and analysts with a Business development approach
Within this service as a business concept developer, we offer one of our strongest abilities that are creativity and innovations.
During the last thirty years, we developed methods for stimulating lateral thinking and creativity. These methods describe how creativity could be stimulated both for us as individuals but also for how to stimulate creativity within groups. We do also use methods for improved creativity developed by others if they seem to be more appropriate for the specific situation. On top of this, we are rather creative individuals.
That we do have these basic creativity skills and knowledge and when we consider all assignments, we have done for clients representing different cultures and many different countries around the world we know that we are competitive when it comes to develop new business and new concepts. 
For example, we have quite some unique experience from change projects where the large global product oriented operations had to transform their business into a commercial service and solution oriented company. The most comprehensive transformation project we worked with was the establishment of a global service operation within one of the largest telecom industries in the world. This was a company with operations in far more than 100 countries and a corporate culture very far away from a modern service management approach.