6.6 As Educators with a Facilitator approach
Working as a facilitator together with management teams or larger groups is one of our service offerings and in which we have a comprehensive experience. The commonest group size is 5 to 15 participants. We have also experience from groups as big as several hundred participants up to almost one thousand people when we where responsible for a kick of activity of a large company.
To give some indication about the character of this facilitator service we must say that there is a difference between small and big groups. Within big groups, the roles as a facilitator are much about to be a moderator and lead the meeting forward in an efficient way.
Within smaller groups as for example management teams the work as facilitators is more about to be a catalyst. Here we make sure that all necessary perspectives become covered and that as much as possible of the over all view is considered. In particularly we think it is important that internal and external strategies are consistent with the customer and competitor strategies that the operation has chosen or will choose to implement. It is also important to be observant about the short-term and long-term aspects and that these planed activities in these two dimensions are consistent and strive in the same direction.
We do also choose the most appropriate methods and tools to handle the specific situation.