6.7 As Educators with a Mentor and Tutor approach
In this role, we have a service offering strictly to focus on the individual development of managers. We offer our mentor service in many different versions.
The actual customer need is the major guideline when we design the service. We have experience from work with coaching activities in very specific situations with tailor made programs as well as basic coaching activities. Some coaching activities have been short and some has been rather long over a period covering several years.
A special version of this offer is the early warning system, which is a solution that identifies potential complications within change and development implementations.
When we consider what customers, we had during the last two decades within the coaching and mentoring segment, it is broad spectra of customers. We notice that everything from multinational companies representing a very high-tech orientation into aid organisations and related companies and organisations in developing countries.
When we look back on the almost 30 years we have been offering this service, we are both happy and proud. Many of the participants in our coaching programs have become successful in deed.  One very important component in this offering is our high level of confidentiality. Except for the individual involved and in most case the nearest manager in line, nobody knows anything about it.